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(주)피코아이앤시는 항상 최고를 추구합니다.

ZETTLER는 100년 이상 ZETTLER 브랜드 이름을 가지고 전자 부품의 개발, 생산 및 유통 분야에서 혁신을 이루었습니다. ZETTLER Electronics는 아시아 최첨단 제조 시설은 자동화된 생산 라인을 갖추고 있으며, 깊은 제조 경험, 정교한 품질 보증 프로세스 및 모든 관련 인증을 갖춘 관리 팀과 직원이 운영합니다. ZETTLER Electronics는 Relay, LCD/TFT Display, Transformers/Magnetics, Switches, Thermostats 등을 포괄하며 다양한 산업 분야의 광범위한 응용 분야에 맞게 설계되었으며, 더 많은 고객사들을 만족시키고 있습니다.

(주)피코아이앤시는 ZETTLER 대리점입니다.​​​​ ​


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As a well-known global branding of Relay Products, high reliability characteristics enable Zettler Relays to be used in a wide spectrum of applications, including Power, HVAC/R, Energy Management, Lighting, Metering, Automotive, Industrial, Tel-communications, Security, Home Appliances, Medical, Solar, Electric Vehicle Charging and other electrical and electronic applications. For decades, customers in these industries have embraced ZETTLER Relays for their quality and agree that “It’s a better Relay”.

We put uncompromising emphasis on product testing and compliance with international approval standards such as VDE, TUV, UL and CSA.

Also proven quality assurance programs are incorporated both in the initial design and development of new Relay models, and into the automated production lines and manufacturing processes applied to assemble the wide range of these top-quality electromechanical components.


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