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(주)피코아이앤시는 항상 최고를 추구합니다.

Dapu Telecom은 2005년에 설립되었으며 높은 안정성의 Clock Module, 다양한 유형의 Clock Chip, RF Device 및 OCXO, TCXO를 비롯해 다양한 Clock product 솔루션을 제공하는 글로벌 공급업체입니다.사업 분야는 통신 장비, 전력, 산업 제어, 자동차 전자 장치, 계측, 지능형 의료, 스마트 홈, 가전 제품 및 사물 인터넷을 다루며 전 세계 많은 국가와 고객에게 서비스를 제공합니다.

(주)피코아이앤시는 DAPU Telecom 대리점입니다.​​​​ 

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LoRa GateWay

Brief Description:

10. Working current: 90mA (48v power supply)

The gateway is equipped with SX1301 as the main concentrator chip, which can provide 8-channel parallel uplink and 1 channel downlink to communication. The main control chip adopts low-power-consumption and high-reliability ARM Cortex -A7 kernel processor, to provide efficient and reliable operation environment for the communication. 

The gateway supports the star topology; terminal device sends the data to the gateway by RF signal, the gateway upload the data to the server by 4G or Ethernet. This way can make communication area more wide, which can greatly reduce the usage numbers of repeaters, making the solution cost lower and the deployment more easier. 

Product features:

1.LoRaWAN protocol, Support ClassA,ClassC

2.SX1301 support8-channel parallel uplink and 1 channel downlink

3.Low-power-consumption and high-reliability ARM Cortex-A7 kernel processor

4.Support frequency 868MHz 915MHz 433MHz 470MHz

5.Stable Linux operation system

6.Support Ethernet and 4G links

7.Protection level:IP65

8. Output amplitude: 20dBm (configurable)

9. Receiving sensitivity: -142dbm (SF=12)

10. Working current: 90mA (48v power supply) ​


TEL. 031-479-1828~9