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(주)피코아이앤시는 항상 최고를 추구합니다.

QUECTEL은 5G, LTE, LTE-A, LPWA, GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA(+) 및 GNSS 모듈을 공급하는 세계굴지의 기업입니다. 전문적인 IoT 기술 개발업체이자 무선 모듈 공급업체인 Quectel은 IoT 무선 모듈을 위한 원스톱 서비스를 제공합니다. Quectel 제품은 스마트 결제, 텔레매틱스와 운송, 스마트 에너지, 스마트 도시, 보안, 무선 게이트웨이, 산업, 건강관리, 농업 및 환경 모니터링을 포함해 여러 IoT/M2M 분야에서 광범위하게 적용할수 있습니다.

(주)피코아이앤시는 QUECTEL 대리점입니다.​​​ 

Compatible Designs

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Compatible Designs

EC2x&UC20 Compatible Design

Quectel EC2x module contains EC25, EC21, EC20 and EC20 R2.0 variants which are all compatible with UC20. This can help you easily migrate from one to either of the others in your design and manufacturing.

Quectel EC25, EC21, EC20 R2.0, EC20 and UC20 modules have some serial products. The following table shows the frequency bands and module general information.

UG96&UG95&M95 R2.0 Compatible Design

Quectel UMTS/HSPA UG96 module is compatible with Quectel UG95 and GSM/GPRS M95 R2.0 module.

The M95 R2.0 is a Quad-band GSM/GPRS module which works at frequencies of GSM850, EGSM900, DCS1800 and PCS1900. The UG95 is an UMTS/HSPA module that includes two variants, UG95-A and UG95-E. The UG96 is also an UMTS/HSPA module. UG96, UG95 and M95 R2.0 are designed as compatible products. You can choose the right module for your applications. The compatible design guideline ensures a smooth migration from M95 R2.0 to UG95 or UG96 for your products.

FC20 Series&FC10 Compatible Design

Quectel FC20 series module contains FC20 and FC20-N variants which are compatible with FC10. It helps you easily migrate from FC10 to FC20/FC20-N in your design and manufacturing.

FC20 series and FC10 modules are designed as compatible products. Customers can choose a proper model according to specific application demands. With the help of the compatible design guideline, customers can migrate from FC10 to FC20 series modules smoothly during the product design and manufacturing. The following tables show the general information comparison between FC20 series and FC10 modules.


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