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NUVOTON은 Winbond Electronic 으로부터 LOGIC 비지니스 그룹의 기업분할로 2008년 7월 설립이 되어 독자사업을 하고 있으며, 2010년 9월에 대만의 IPO의 상장업체가 되었습니다. Nuvoton Technology 의 주력 사업분야는 LOGIC IC의 연구 개발 및 판매이며, 음성 IC / 마이크로컨트롤러 / 컴퓨터 / 클라우드 관련 어플리케이션 IC 제품은 시장 점유율에서 선두를 달리고 있습니다. Nuvoton 은 특별한 자체 특화 프로세스를 자랑하는 6인치 wafer 공장을 보유하고 있으며, 이 Wafer 공장에서는 자체제작 IC 상품의 생산과 외주 주문 생산용 파운드리 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.

(주)피코아이앤시는 NUVOTON 대리점입니다.​

Microcontrollers New Infrastructure for AI - M251 MCUs(ARM Cortex M23 )

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In the IoT era, the layout of the sensor becomes more widespread. All kinds of sensors can be installed as IoT terminal nodes to collect information of the surrounding environment, regardless of office buildings or factories of hundred square meters, town center, or the wilderness. The communication method of the sensor and server varies in different environments. For example, wireless communication methods with low power consumption and longer distances are often adopted in the wilderness due to the long distance between the sensor and the gateway and the battery life that shall be taken into consideration. LoRa, the low-power wide-area wireless technology, is usually applied to this kind of application situation. Though gateways can be installed intensively in office buildings, there are many obstacles and communication interference with different frequency ranges. Therefore, LoRa uses a frequency range lower than 1 GHz to reduce other wireless communications interference.

LoRaWAN is a low-power wide-area network standard issued by LoRa Alliance to regulate the entire system structure and communication protocol. There are specific standards for the terminal node's battery life, the gateway, and server operation. The customized LoRa communication network enables the network architect to completely control the network architecture and use specific protocols to construct a network in a diversified way, such as establishing a client-server star network or tree network.

In the customized LoRa communication network, the terminal node can use the Nuvoton NuMicro® M251 series microcontroller as the main control chip. The M251/M252 series is a low-power 32-bit microcontroller with low power consumption features, wide operating voltage, and quick wakeup from sleep mode, which is especially suitable for IoT applications powered by batteries. Also, the M251/M252 series with rich peripheral not only integrates the VAI to provide secondary communication interface voltage but also can connect to the peripheral sensor module without the level shifter.

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