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NUVOTON은 Winbond Electronic 으로부터 LOGIC 비지니스 그룹의 기업분할로 2008년 7월 설립이 되어 독자사업을 하고 있으며, 2010년 9월에 대만의 IPO의 상장업체가 되었습니다. Nuvoton Technology 의 주력 사업분야는 LOGIC IC의 연구 개발 및 판매이며, 음성 IC / 마이크로컨트롤러 / 컴퓨터 / 클라우드 관련 어플리케이션 IC 제품은 시장 점유율에서 선두를 달리고 있습니다. Nuvoton 은 특별한 자체 특화 프로세스를 자랑하는 6인치 wafer 공장을 보유하고 있으며, 이 Wafer 공장에서는 자체제작 IC 상품의 생산과 외주 주문 생산용 파운드리 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.

(주)피코아이앤시는 NUVOTON 대리점입니다.​

Microcontrollers M487KMCAN with 2.5 MB Flash for Dashcam(ARM Cortex M4 )

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Intelligent telematics evolved from the existed telematics integrating Internet of Vehicle (IoV) technology. In the past, telematics only provided functions such as CD player and vehicle status. However, in the AIoT era, it now marches toward the direction of M2M (Machine to Machine) due to the successful development of 3G/4G/5G technologies in recent years. As the terminal of telematics, telematics-box (T-box) has an important position.

By communicating with the host via CAN Bus, T-box transfers information and command to acquire information of the vehicle such as button status and control command reporting or acquire the vehicle positioning information via GPS module. The above information is saved in the SD card, USB drive or uploaded to the cloud via a network module. The driver can use the APP on the phone to check real-time information of their vehicle by connecting to the cloud.

T-box structure:

  • Controller: power, communication processing, and status check.
  • GPS module: vehicle positioning.
  • Gyroscope: vehicle speed and position.
  • CAN interface: connecting in-vehicle network.
  • Network module: connecting cloud server.
  • Storage media interface: SD card, USB drive, etc.

T-box adopting M487KMCAN solution:


The T-box adopting the M487KMCAN solution use the M487KMCAN microcontroller as the core controller. The built-in 2560KB Flash with SPIM technology can satisfy running a massive amount of codes.


  • Communication of USB FS and upper computer
  • UART port connecting GPS module
  • CAN bus accessing an in-vehicle network to acquire vehicle information such as door switch, engine status, etc.
  • I2C interface to acquire position and speed from a gyroscope
  • ADC collecting the analogy of temperature detection circuit to acquire the temperature in the vehicle
  • Data access:
  • Provide an SD card to save the data to the local
  • LTE-4Gmodule or GPRS module to save data to the cloud

M480 series advantages

  • 192MHz core for data processing capability
  • SPIM interface with cache memory function to support the code executing in external Flash
  • Support FreeRTOS/Mbed operating systems
  • Hardware crypto engine accelerating encryption/ decryption process and reducing CPU burden
  • Support USB high speed and full speed interface with on-chip PHY to reduce material requirements

M487KMCAN features 

  • 192MHz core and floating-point arithmetic unit to rapidly process GPS positioning data
  • Sufficient memory space of 2560KB Flash/128KB SRAM to support the requirements of system design
  • Save external SPI Flash cost and reduce PCB area.
  • 2 CAN and telematics
  • UBS HS Host supporting high-speed wireless module such as LTE-4G
  • SPI interface and SDIO interface supporting data storage demand
  • Support 2 USB OTG (high speed and full speed) and external USB storage device
  • Support 2 SD card storage devices (up to 2x 32GB)
  • Support EBI interface with external SRAM storage (up to 3x 1MB)
  • ADC up to 16 channels to detect temperature status of the thermistor and support the demand of other sensors

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