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IoT applications made easy with the launch of Nuvoton NuMaker Brick development platform 



To address widely diversified innovative development requirements from Makers, Nuvoton debuted its modularized IoT development platform “NuMaker Brick”. The platform redefines the development process by allowing users to arrange modules in any order without the need to rewrite any program. With the modules in the form of a 9-cell grid as well as an expansion board, users can develop and create desired functions easily and quickly. The NuMaker Brick’s main control board is equipped with Bluetooth function which controls and coordinates data transfer, and multiple onboard modules including the temperature and humidity sensor, gas sensor, IR module, gyroscopes, accelerometer, sonar, LED, and buzzer. The modules running on unified communication protocol can be recognized and communicated with each other via the official NuMaker Brick mobile App.

Full open source development strategies were employed for all firmware, hardware, and application software needed by the NuMaker Brick open platform. This has resulted in an extremely developer-friendly end product that includes a main controller terminal and several sub-modules. The main controller terminal and sensor modules utilizes the NuMicro® M451 series MCU. The NuMaker Brick platform modules are also equipped with powerful computational capabilities to be able to rapidly process data while reducing data transfer time for IoT applications. Every module in the NuMaker Brick platform can process data simultaneously, providing the advantages of distributed computing. The platform can also provide timely and quick responses to data collected from the sensors.

The NuMaker Brick platform is designed to provide great flexibility. Each module is already designed to include a specific function and support plug-and-play, allowing Makers to stack modules in any order with maximum flexibility. An extension board is also provided to facilitate design development. The communication protocols among modules is an issue that developers currently encounter; addressing this, Nuvoton has reduced complexity significantly in new module development by providing unified communication protocol. That is, a Maker may select required modules for desired combination and come up with design prototype at once by executing remote monitoring, dynamic system parameter tuning, and module trigger association setup via the NuMaker Brick App. Currently, Makers have used Nuvoton’s NuMaker Brick to build navigation device for firefighting operation, sleep monitor, aquaponics, air pollution detector, forest monitoring system and so on. It is believed that the great flexibility the NuMaker Brick offers will stimulate the invention of more innovative IoT applications in days to come.

In view of explosive Maker trends, varying Maker ages, and coding capability, Nuvoton utilizes its rich experience in microcontroller field to invest in the NuMaker series development platforms, specially designed for Maker markets to provide creators with innovative and Maker-friendly development tools. Nuvoton is said to demonstrate new innovative applications of NuMaker products in its product launch tomorrow.